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Voices in the Desert

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Together with Fundación Regionalizarte in Antofagasta, we collaborate to bring this choral festival to the world.

The 2022 edition of the choral festival “Voces en el Desierto”, held in the II region of Antofagasta (Chile) involved various choirs from the community, a masterclass with guest conductors from different countries, a choral meeting that staged the most diverse choirs of the community, and a final concert of Mozart’s Requiem, by the Conductor Rodrigo Ossandón and the “Filarmonía Antofagasta” orchestra and choir.

This is an audiovisual work, created by TorreMarStudio with material delivered (photography, video and audio) from the Festival Organization.

We are so passionate and motivated to work on projects that imply access to music for the entire community, in their own territories and realities, that we want to share a small extract from one of the three video summaries that we have created for the Antofagasta Choral Festival 2022 “Voices in the Desert”.


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