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Our Audio Services

At TorreMar Music Studio, we offer audio services from an experienced professional with a Master's degree in Music Production. Specialized in mixing, and mastering, but also is an expert editing and tuning.Our services are provided by Jesus Martinez himself, who has been working in the music industry for more than 10 years and is known for his expertise in audio engineering. With his in-depth knowledge and passion for music production, Jesus Martinez is the perfect choice for your audio needs.

Our Equipment

1 / D.A.W.

  1. ProTools Studio

  2. Ableton Live

  3. Dolby Atmos Renderer v5

  4. Sibelius Ultimate 2023

2 / Acoustics
  1. Yamaha HS5

  2. SoundID Reference

  3. Auralex acoustic treatment

  4. SSL interface

  5. Various Headphone References

3 / Tools
  1. FabFilter Suite

  2. SSL Suite

  3. Soundtoys Complete

  4. iZotope Music Production Suite

  5. Waves Platinum

  6. Melodyne Editor

  7. AutoTune Pro-X

  8. Audiomovers Listento

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