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Here in TorreMar Studio we have a lot of experience in tutoring and teaching, whereas they are individual tutoring or a full class. Since we are used to living in different places, we have become experts in remote working and teaching, keeping the continuity of our students wherever they or we are, and maintain high quality standards. We do a permanent and personalised follow up, considering goals and purposes. Our teaching fulfils the highest standards in results, satisfaction and permanency of our students.

Our Equipment

1 / Platform

  1. Zoom Premium

  2. OBS Studio

  3. Sibelius Ultimate 2023

2 / Tools
  1. Studiologic SL73 hammer action keyboard

  2. Yamaha interface

  3. Professional Mic

  4. Several reference headphones

3 / Methods and Resources
  1. Lang Lang

  2. ABRSM

  3. Nancy Faber

  4. Fasolet

  5. Suzuki

  6. Altés

  7. Marcel Moise

  8. Koheler

  9. Bastien

  10. Arcoiris

  11. Félix Sierra

  12. Various Music Sheets

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