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Our Story

TorreMar Studios is a familiar music studio built by the conductor Alfonsina Torrealba and the mixing engineer Jesus Martinez, puting together the music and technological world to create great music. The speciality of the studio is separated in three, on one side, editing, mixing and mastering audio and music, including podcasts, albums and movies. On the other hand, there is a coaching and teaching area where there are music theory lessons, flute lessons, application and test prep and more. Lastly, with the intention to help musicians to prepare themselves and achieve their goals, we create videos for applications, universities, jobs or portfolios using our musical and technical excellency.

Both Jesus and Alfonsina are highly qualified, on their shoulders lies many concerts, records, books and podcasts. In addition, they have been working together for almost 5 years now, that’s why together they have enough experience and communication to carry on all incoming projects.



Mixing Engineer with +7 years of experience in different studios around the world, including Santiago de Chile, Los Angeles and Madrid. Complete Bio..



Conductor, Choirmaster, Flute Player, Singer, Professor. More than 10 years of experience in classical, modern, jazz and sacred music. Complete Bio..