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Meet the JoSM!!

The Madrid’s Sierra Young Orchestra work with TorreMar Studio in consulting, recording and editing all the audio-video material for their Holy Week program. Come and check!!

Voices in the Desert

Together with Fundación Regionalizarte in Antofagasta, we collaborate to bring this choral festival to the world.

SCD: The Song of All Women

The Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Performers has highlighted our co-founder in its Annual publication this 2023

Closing the season

During July of this year, in the northern hemisphere the academic years close and at TorreMar we become part of the calendar, closing learning cycles with our students.

Berklee’s Master Program

We say hi from our new location in Valencia, Spain, where our producer and engineer Jesus Martinez will start the Music Production, Technology, and Innovation Master’s Program at Berklee College of Music.

Creating memories!

Together with Musicalizarte ByM we have set ourselves the mission of registering new talents from Madrid

World Premiere Record

TorreMar Studio was pleased to register a premiere work together with the Symphony Orchestra of the Alfonso X el Sabio University.