Alfonsina’s Portfolio

Here you will find highlighted work of Alfonsina.


Canto Crisol: Canto al Programa (2013). Conducted by Alfonsina Torrealba. A remake of the “Canto al Programa” by Luis Advis and Sergio Ortega.

Canto Crisol: Canto de Rokha (2015). Conducted by Alfonsina Torrealba. “Canto de Rokha” is based on the work of the chilean poet Pablo de Rokha.

Canto Crisol: Homónimo (2020). Conducted by Alfonsina Torrealba. Original Music by Canto Crisol and Chilean social environment.


Canto al Programa: Miradas al Chile de Hoy. Written by Alfonsina Torrealba, Ariel Maringer and Arnaldo Delgado. It’s a collection work to illustrate the importance of “Canto al Programa” by Luis Advis and Sergio Ortega in the Chilean Politics and Social Culture.