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Here in TorreMar Studio we have a lot of experience in tutoring and teaching, whereas they are individual tutoring or a full class. Since we are used to living in different places, we have become some sort of experts in remote working and teaching, keeping the continuity of our students wherever they or we are and maintain high quality standards. We do a permanent and personalised follow up, considering goals and purposes. Our teaching fulfils the highest standards in results, satisfaction and permanency of our students.

Music Theory

If you need to learn from the basics (or not that basics) of music theory, count with us. We will prepare you for anything that your musical journey takes you. From a big perspective to the more specific ones, you can take Analysis, Music Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Audition, Solfeggio, Repertoire, and Music History.


One of Alfonsina’s expertise is the flute, and with dozen of students, she has influenced many people with her way of the flute from a perspective that combines classical music with fusion, jazz, latin, rock and pop. You will learn from the basics of the instrument to the more emblematic solos by Debussy or Jethro Tull.

Singing – Choir lessons

All of us, at some point of our lives have dream to sing. Regarding what is your level, in TorreMar we will help you to improve your current skills or have a fresh start. Do you want to gift your parents/friends/significant other a song? Do you want to learn how to do harmonies and backing vocals? Do you feel that you have a nice voice but don’t know how to use it? We will teach you how the voice works, how to take care of your instrument, how to approach the music to sing and more

Test Preparation

We know that applying to music conservatories or music schools can be challenging, tedious and, overall, a harsh experience, that’s why we have developed materials to help prospective students in their beginning to the formal musical education, including the ABRSM Test. In addition, if you have found difficulties to keep up with your university courses, we could help you build the needed skills to overcome those challenges.

Musical Initiation

Focused on first ages, these lessons integrate language, singing, piano and movement. Throughout games and different practices, depending on the student’s age, we try to develop potencial and interest of the child in the music, discovering their talents and the instrument that can accompany them for their entire life.


Piano, the instrument that every musician must learn, it has a huge versatility and prestige to help us to get initiate in the music, regardless the chosen repertoire or genre. Always adapting to our student needs and objectives, we could focus to learn new songs, play chords, accompanying singers, read scores… or just have fun!


  • “Alfonsina is the most wonderful personality! She is bubbly, energetic, friendly and makes you IMMEDIATELY feel comfortable entirely. She also has some great vocal knowledge!! 🙂 I highly recommend her! Thank you so much for the lesson and looking forward to the next ones!”. Tanya Holts (Sweden, 31) – Singing Lessons (remote)
  • “She teaches patiently and gently. At the same time, she searches with you for the highest standards in the music”. Florence Olakanpo (UK, 16) – Flute Lessons (remote)
  • “My daughter always looks forward to class and has learned a lot being a complete beginner. Thanks!”. Claire (USA) – Piano Lessons (remote)